Saturday, 19 August 2017

How To Write A Review On Your Blog?

A review post can be either a sponsored post or a link post. In either a blogger can build a good reputation for himself if he writes it with honesty. I know that many bloggers already write reviews on their blogs but you can never have enough practice on this type of post. The Web is increasingly being used by people for research to help make purchasing decisions.

Reviews on your blog help position you well to meet this need that people have. The other great aspect about review posts is that they show you have opinions on your topic. This makes an impression on readers and increases the likelihood that they’ll see you as an authority on the topic that you’re writing about.

Reviews Irrelevant for Your Blog?
You might be thinking to yourself right now that your blog is unsuited to review posts. For example, you may not write about products nor think of any books that might relate to your topic. Fear not—all you need to do is think a little creatively to still be able to do today’s challenge. Here are a few ideas for reviews:
  • Books
  • Movies or TV shows relevant to your audience
  • Another web site in your niche
  • A restaurant if you’re a food blogger
  • An article from a magazine or web site
  • A hotel, tourist destination, or airline if you’re a travel blogger
  • An outfit that a celebrity is wearing if you’re a fashion blogger
  • A speech given by a politician if you’re a political blogger
  • A gadget if you’re a tech blogger
  • A tool or piece of equipment relevant to your niche
  • An exhibition or gallery if you’re an art blogger
  • A toy if you’re a parent blogger
  • An instrument if you’re a music blogger
If you're writing reviews of a book or product that’s listed on a site like Amazon, consider writing a review for that site too. I'm aware of a number of bloggers who are prolific reviewers on Amazon, and who have actually built up a good name and profile for themselves through leaving insightful and helpful reviews on that site.

While you’re forbidden to leave live links back to your blog IN your review, leaving reviews allows you to have a profile page. You can then leave a link and information about yourself. Some reviewers also include their URL in their profile name.

Again, it's all about creating value for those that read your review and letting your usefulness help sell you.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Common Mistakes Made By Adsense Publishers

Adsense is one of the best source of income for majority of publishers. If you want to make money online using adsense, you need to avoid making these mistakes as a blogger:

1. No use of Adsense Channels.
Most of the people don't use adsense channels to track their sites performance and development. Channels help you determine what is working for you and what isn't. You will come to know the pages which are generating less income and need to be revamped to boost your adsense earnings.

2. Use of horizontal ad format
It has been proved in a case study by Google that the vertical ad formats bring in more click through rate(CTR). So try to use vertical ad formats on your blog or website and avoid horizontal ad formats especially the ones placed below the fold.

3. Placing the ads on the border of your page
A lot of you may tend to agree that the ads placed on the border of a web page don't attract attention as compared to the ones placed in the middle of the page and in between the posts. The visitors are now immune to the traditional ad placements, so try something new and innovative to increase the click through rate.

4. Not testing your ads
Once you place ads on your site, you need to test them to see how targeted ads are in relation to your site's content. You need to be particular careful of the ads as ill targeted ads would decrease your CTR and adsense earnings.

5. Applying too early
You need to have a site with alt east 10 web pages with good quality content and decent traffic in order to qualify for adsense. A lot publishers applying for adsense get rejected because they do not have any traffic to their blog. So only good content is not essential to get adsense account you need to prove to Google that you get decent traffic to your blog as well to qualify for adsense account.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Signing Up with Adsense

Once your website is fully constructed and more than six months old you can apply for an AdSense account. Your site needs to have at least 10 pages in order to qualify for the program(not 15 not 20 as others may tell you, just 10 pages are sufficient). Google has started to approve sites very quickly, so you should get approved within 48 hours of your application. It may take more time if you apply during holidays or weekends.

A quick checklist before you apply for an AdSense account.

1. Be sure that your site has a clear and specific theme or topic.
Remember you are now the partners of Google, the biggest online advertising agency in the world. They are looking for quality sites which have a definite theme and purpose for their advertising to be successful.The more you focus on a particular niche, the better targeted ads will be and hence a good click through-rate. A site with no clear focus or niche is likely to be rejected. Also gambling or poker sites are likely to be rejected.

2.No Grammatical mistakes and no broken links
Google has a reputation and certainly would not want to partner a site which has sloppy content and broken links for hosting its ads.

3. Do not put put any signs on your website suggesting that your site is under construction

According to the TOS laid down by Google,it is very clear that they will not accept any site which is still under construction. You website should be completely constructed before you apply for adsense.

4.No Free hosted sites
This may come as a shock to many bloggers but Google has changed its policy since January 2009 and has stopped approving and sites which are hosted for free. So if you are thinking about adsense,you need to buy a personal domain and hosting to qualify for adsense.

5. No use of Local language
Google has a list of 15 languages. All sites must host content in any of those 15 languages in order to qualify for adsense. If you are blogging in your local language, then your site may not be approved for adsense. English is the preferred language for content.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Is Your Site Rejected By Google For Adsense Program?

Have you ever applied for adsense program and got your application rejected?

Here are some of the reasons you may get rejected by Google when you apply for Adsense program for the first time:

1. Is it a personal website?
Google usually rejects personal sites because they do not have a definite theme or niche. These sites have a random content and you do not know what to expect from the next post. It is difficult for Google to display targeted ads on such websites because the topics are random. google is looking for a website concentrating on a particular theme or niche with loads of useful information. This would enable Google to display targeted ads to your website.

2. Is the site organized?
Make sure that all the information on your site is well organized and there is no broken links on your site. Don't use artificial colors and make sure each page has a similar look to the others.

3. What are the number of pages on your site?
Even though google has not laid a minimum page requirement but be rest assured that you should have minimum of 10 pages on your site with rich content and less flash or photographs.

4.Is the content worthy of getting Google adsense?
The content of your website should be original and one which is beneficial to others. Just posting links to other sites sends a wrong signal to Google that you are not willing to put in the hard work to develop the content yourself. Be sure you have a good niche and informative content.

5. Do you use content copied from other website?
If your site is exact carbon copy of other site, you may never get Google adsense and your site will be banned from google search engine as well. It will also have legal implications if you steal someone else's content and put it on your site.

6.Have you read the TOS of adsense?

Don't just blindly accept the TOS, make sure you go through it before accepting it to make sure that your site is not violating any of the TOS. This increases your chances of getting adsense with your first application.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Get Your AdSense Account Reinstated

It has happened with most of us, worst email a blogger can receive: Your Adsense account is disabled. You are no longer part of the program and you are deemed as a cheat by Google.

Here is what you need to do to get your adsense account back in 7 days.

1. Never panic.
Google is not the only PPC advertising company in this world, there are better options like Yahoo,Bidvertiser which you can move to instead of adsense. There are thousand other ways to monetize your blog. Keep a cool head and don't panic.

2. Investigate the matter.
Information is everything in this case. It could be a friend,relative, colleague or competitor who would have accidentally clicked on your ads.Gather the information and pass it on to Google.

3. Make an appeal.
Fill out an appeal form for disabled accounts. Telling the truth will only help solve the matter.Any suspicious activity is to be brought to google's notice.

4. Be patient.

It is mentioned that it may take upto 48 hours for them to hear your appeal but in reality it may take upto 100 hours to hear your appeal. be patient and don't bombard them with too many emails to be labelled as a spam.

5. On reinstatement,be happy

If your appeal is successful be happy and be careful to go through the TOS. It takes 48 hours to display google ads on your sites again. You might not lose too much in those two days as compared to the amount of money you will earn for the rest of your life.

6. Appeal one more time.
If the ban is not lifted from your account,be patient and polite,make sure you appeal again. wade your way through the information and see if there is something important which you might have missed. Are you sharing the same IP address with someone else, this might be the case when you use a cyber cafe or office PC. You are told not to appeal again by Google but you should , this time with much more information that will help Google investigate the matter in a better way.

7. Email the authorities.
Google employees are hard to trace, but you can trace them by using the Google search engine itself and email them explaining the whole scenario. You can also go to adsense help forum and get help from Google employees which visit the forum very often and are always willing to help you. If you don't get anything from this at least you can get some traffic to your blog by pasting your link on the forum.

Share your experiences with this program. Have you ever got your adsense account disabled?How did you win it back?